The Best Ways to Spend a Weekend in Memphis

things to do in MemphisIf you go on a weekend getaway to Memphis, Tennessee, there are several things you can do to have some fun. Whether you are a die-hard fan or just an enthusiast, you should go and see the Elvis and Graceland’s recording room situated at Sun Studio. Visit the National Civil Rights Museum as well as the Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum to know some history about the city. You and your loved ones can swing by the Memphis Zoo to view some pandas or witness the popular Peabody Ducks parading in lobby area of The Peabody Memphis. We Are Memphis is a non-profit organization striving to ensure anyone visiting Memphis is comfortable and possibly feel welcome to the city. Read on to see more activities in Memphis.

1. National Civil Rights Museum

Visiting the National Civil Rights Museum is a must-do activity while in Memphis. Situated in the Lorraine Motel where the assassination of the late Martin Luther King Jr. occurred, this museum has multimedia presentations on the history of the civil rights movement. There are 260 artifacts, at least forty film, oral presentations, interactive media as well as exterior listening posts to guide visitors through 5 centuries of the city’s history. You will get a chance to view a Greyhound bus used by the Freedom Riders and Martin Luther King Jr.’s motel room, where he stayed before his demise.

things to do in Memphis

2. Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Set on the original location of Stax Records Studio, the museum stands as a commemoration of the musicians and American soul legends who recorded great music in this legendary place. This museum has over 2,000 artifacts, informing exhibits, shows and galleries. In the memorabilia you will get to view the custom Cadillac Eldorado used by Isaac Hayes, which has been outfitted with a television, minibar and 24-carat gold outer rim.

3. Sun Studio

The Sun Studio is usually called “the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll”. The former owner of this legendary place known as Sam Philips assisted in launching music careers of famous musicians like Elvis, Johnny Cash, B.B King, as well as Roy Orbison. While visiting this amazing studio, you will have a chance to hear stories of the legendary musicians who recorded songs there, listen to tracks and view other memorabilia.

4. Memphis Zoo

If you are visiting the city with your kids, you should not forget to visit the Memphis Zoo located in Overton Park. There are about 3,500 animals in this zoo such as giant pandas, primates, bears, wolves, big cats, river hippos. All the animals stay in environments that mimic their natural habitats in the wild. Your kids will definitely enjoy the well-organized trip around the zoo that spans 70 acres. The best time to get here is during the morning hours and carry some packed lunch.

5. Peabody Ducks

The Peabody Memphis has a great reputation for being among the best hotels in the South. The building is exquisite, but the main attraction in this hotel is the Peabody Ducks march. Since the mid-20th century, this birds have been a tourist attraction in this historic hotel. You should arrive there at about 11 a.m. to see the ducks do their amazing march from their home through the lobby up to the Peabody Fountain. In the evening they march up again from the fountain to go back home.

things to do in Memphis

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Tips to Find the Best Memphis Restaurants

Memphis RestaurantsThere are many Memphis restaurants to suit various appetites. The city has a diverse culinary culture and the choices may be overwhelming. Dining out is meant to be a fun, not frustrating experience. If, however, you do not have the right information on the things to consider, you may not have a pleasant experience. Find a restaurant that gives you the best value for your money. Some of the most popular restaurants in Memphis include; Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen, Folk’s Folly Prime Steakhouse, Erling Jensen Restaurant, Marlowes Ribs and Restaurant, Gibson’s Donuts, and Itta Bena. The following are some of the things that you should consider to find the best Memphis restaurant.

Price Range

How much are you willing to open on a meal? Is the meal worth the price? You do not need to break a bank to enjoy some good food. Find out how much food costs in various restaurants. The cost of the food should match the food and quality of service. If you can, go to a restaurant that gives you discounts or special deals. That, however, does not mean that the cheapest restaurant is always the best. Some of them may be cheap because they provide you with poor service and food.


Memphis RestaurantsDo not go to a restaurant that restricts you on food options especially if you are eating out with a group. Their menu should have gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian meals if you need them. If you do not check that in advance, you may end up disappointed.

Special Requirements

If you or one of the people that you are eating out with have any special dietary needs, find out if the hotel can respond to them. Some of the special requests may include allergies to certain food ingredients, or low-salt dishes.


Find out if you need to make a reservation before eating at a restaurant. If you do, call ahead of time to book your reservation. This is especially important during times when restaurants tend to be crowded such as on the weekends or during the holidays.


It is important to find a restaurant that has plenty of secure parking space. Call the restaurant in advance and find out if they validate parking. If you need valet parking, ask them. If the parking arrangement of a restaurant is not satisfactory, you may need to find a different restaurant that meets your expectations.


Memphis Restaurants

If you are unsure about a few restaurants, check out their reviews online. Find out what previous customers think about them. The information may help you to make the right decision. If a restaurant has a substantial amount of negative reviews, it may not be the right one. If the internet reviews seem overwhelming to you, you can find more information on travel books and guides. Ask your family and friends for their recommendations especially if they have been to Memphis.

If you are new to Memphis and have no idea on where to find the right Memphis restaurants, it may be a good idea to check your surroundings, make a decision, and go with it. If a restaurant appears to be well-maintained with a full parking lot and a delicious aroma coming from it, it is likely to be a good one.

Family-Friendly Things to Do in Memphis

Things to do in MemphisIf you are visiting Memphis with our family, you do not have to worry about your entertainment options. There are plenty of things to do in Memphis for both adults and children of all ages. The following are some of the activities that can make your family trip fun.

Visit the Children’s Museum of Memphis

The museum is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. It as bus/motorcoach parking and it is handicapped accessible.

Go to Shelby Farms Park

The park is handicapped accessible and admission is free. It is one of the biggest parks in the country. If you want to enjoy a quiet time with your family away from all the hustle of city life, Shelby Farms Park is your perfect destination. It features at least 40 miles of trails that are great for biking, walking, and hiking. It has over 20 water bodies which are great for fishing. You can visit the park for your events because its setting is beautiful both indoors and outdoors. Go to Shelby Park and enjoy a peaceful family picnic with beautiful scenery and plenty of fun activities for you and the children.

Things to do in Memphis

Visit Graceland: Elvis Presley’s Home

Elvis Presley bought Graceland in 1957. It remains to be a popular site that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. It gives you and your family the chance to experience the famous musician’s personal style. The rooms still hold the original décor that he used. There is an interactive tour to guide through various parts of Graceland including stories told by Elvis and his daughter Lisa Marie. It is not only entertaining but also an incredible learning experience.

Riverboat Cruise

Go on a riverboat cruise in the Mississippi. You will go on a guided tour to experience the wonders of the Mississippi. The tour guide will explain to you events that happened on the rivers such as the fires on the Harrahan Railroad Bridge. They will also explain other aspects of the city’s history. The sunsets look beautiful from the Mississippi River. If you wish, you can enjoy your dinner cruise as you take in the magnificent views.

Memphis Cuisine

Things to do in Memphis

Memphis is famous for its amazing barbecue but that is not all that it has to offer. There are plenty of exciting restaurants and food options in the city. The BLFGT Salad from Felicia Suzanne’s is one of them. The BLT sandwich uses fried green tomatoes instead of the regular ones. Other interesting foods in Memphis include Central BBQs BBQ nachos, BBQ spaghetti from Interstate Nar-B-Q, and a skillet of shrimp from Rendezvous. You and your family have plenty of options. Memphis has something for everyone.

Peabody Ducks

The Peabody is a great hotel but its popularity mainly stems from its amazing duck parade which dates back to the 1930s. The ducks stay in the ‘Duck Palace,’ which is on the roof of the hotel. Every day at 11 am, the Duckmaster leads them down the elevator to the founder on the lobby and they march on a red carpet. They are a beautiful view for both kids and adults.

There are many more family-friendly things to do in Memphis that will interest everyone from your children to your grandparents. Visit and experience some of them.

The Best Places to Live In Memphis According To Memphis Local News

Memphis has been undergoing major changes, and it is already ranked as the number three city in the United States for retirees seeking low cost of living and taxes according to the Memphis local news. The city has undergone a significant facelift over the past few years, and it continues to attract individuals both young and old from various parts of the United States. There are also a lot of perks for people living in this amazing city ranging from the marvelous blues and Jazz to the beautiful scenery and unbeatable barbeque. Are you thinking of relocating to Memphis here are the best places to live in Memphis.


This is a high-income area that is located on the eastern parts of Memphis. The area is among the most sought-after places in the metro area, and it is the best for families that are looking for safe and large homes, great public schools and gorgeous homes that are located close to each other. Germantown also contains various lovely houses with large yards and several zero-lot-line subdivisions. The zero-lot-line subdivisions allow Germantown to take good care of overbuilding, which not only keeps property values stable but also preserves public green spaces. The area is most suitable for families that are looking for places with small playset and wonderful houses with low outdoor maintenance.


The Midtown area is one of the trendiest and hottest places in the entire city. Just minutes from the east of Memphis town, this area has vibrant and unique neighborhoods such as the Overton square and the Central Midtown. These neighborhoods have seen dramatic revitalization since most business entrepreneurs have begun to invest in the area and residents have rehabbed beautiful historic houses. The Overton Square which is becoming one of the favorite hot spots in Memphis town, as well as the famous Overton Park and the Memphis Zoo, makes it a great place to live.


This is an area that is surrounded by natural beauty and provides its residents with more room to spread out in ranch, classic craftsman and farmhouse style homes. The outdoor enthusiasts will feel at home in this area. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy hiking, fishing and picnics in wooded International Harvester Park and more than 66-acres of green space at the scenic. The key statistics in Lakeland indicate that the area has a high school graduation rate of about 95% and a total crime rate of 100k. This makes Memphis a suitable place to live in.

Harbor Town on Mud Island

This is an area that is rooted and built according to the principles of the New Urbanism, which holds that all the new neighborhoods should be planned as mixed-income developments to counteract town sprawl, create walkable and compact communities. Being located on the northern side of the Island, the town is a sought after place for everyone from politicians and professional athletes to retirees and young families. Locals enjoy fantastic water views and local grocery stores such as the Miss Cordelia’s and the top-flight restaurants such as the Currents and peninsula’s highly-rated private institutions.

The Top 3 Outdoor Things to Do in Memphis

There’s plenty of fun to be had in the great outdoors, whether it’s a long summer day or a weekend outing any time of year. Check out the top 3 outdoor things to do in Memphis.

Memphis Botanic Garden

The Memphis Botanic Garden is bursting with blooming beauty. The 96 acres of green space house 31 specialty gardens that include Azalea Trail, Daffodil Hill, Delta Heritage Garden, Asian Garden, and Four Seasons Garden, just to name a few. Don’t forget to check out the new Urban Demonstrations Garden at the southern ends of the grounds. This feature showcases innovative approaches to outdoor living and includes a working chicken coop, raised beds and display area, and farm to table teaching deck. Plus, you can stop for lunch at Fratelli’s Café. This Project Green Fork certified eatery is situated between the Sculpture Garden and Water Garden, with owner Kris Shelby turning out soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts with European flair.

Shelby Farms Park

Shelby Farms Park is one of the biggest urban parks in the nation. At 4,500 acres, it’s five times larger than Central Park in New York City. This massive green space houses trails for both walking and bicycling. Woodland Discovery Playground sports an artistic flair while providing a fun zone for kids with six innovative play sections. Plus, there’s ample opportunity for adventure with Go Ape, an outdoor ropes course. It starts with rope-climbing among the trees and ends with zip lining across Pine Lake. Speaking of lakes, there’s plenty of water-bound fun to be had. You can rent a kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddleboard at the Hyde Lake boathouse, or launch your own. Pedal boats are also available to rent and explore Pine Lake. The resident buffalo herd is also quite an attraction for visitors. Not to mention The Kitchen, a deli style restaurant, which rounds out the park’s offerings for a full day of leisurely fun.

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park spans 12,549 acres of outdoor space ideal for any activity. It sports 5 miles of scenic paved trails wending their way through a host of tree varieties, as well as an 8-mile trail just for horses and their riders. The wildlife also includes American Bald Eagles, birds of prey, waterfowl, and some 200 species of songbirds, as well as turkey, deer, fox, beaver, otter and bobcats. The massive park also includes a 36-hole disc golf course. Plus, you can fish at Poplar Tree Lake by bringing your fishing license or getting one at the park office. You have your choice of casting from the bank or pier, or renting a boat. Swimming is open during the summer. Plus, the park houses 300 tables and grill stations that are perfect for picnicking.

If a day isn’t enough, the park has 49 campsites, complete with grills, tables, water and electric hookups, and a hot-shower bathhouse. Six cabins are also available, complete with a double bed, two twin beds, two roll-out beds, a working fireplace, linens, VCR, television and a fully-equipped kitchen.

How to Find Good Deals For Hotels in Memphis TN

You do not need to spend too much on your next visit to Memphis. If you have the right information, you can find good deals in Memphis tourist attractions at affordable prices. Getting good deals for hotels may sound easy, but it is not. You must take some time to research on your options. The costs of hotel rooms change all the time, so you have to find consistent ones. If you already know the Memphis neighborhood that you want to stay in, it may make things easier because your search will be narrower.

Do Extensive Research

The most obvious way to look for good deals is to research, but most people don’t do it. Do not limit your search to just one site. Use various sites on the internet and make comparisons. Read the reviews of previous guests to determine whether or not a hotel is suitable for you. If there are negative reviews, observe them for consistencies. Do not depend entirely on reviews. It may not be possible for hotels to please all the customers.

Learn to Negotiate

Once you a few options to choose from, call the hotels and try to bargain. There is a chance that you will get a lower price than they advertised if you bargain. Call the hotel directly instead of the reservation numbers. People that work in the hotel are in a better place to assist you.

Be Flexible

You may be set on staying in a particular neighborhood, but that may not always be practical. If you find a good hotel that is not in the area, consider the transportation cost. If it is not high, then it may be a good idea to settle for it. Just make sure your hotel is close to the areas you plan on visiting. Hotels that are not close to the city center may be more affordable.

Book Hotels Last Minute

Booking a hotel too long ahead of time may cost you more than necessary. Hotels with empty rooms are always trying to fill the vacancy so they may offer better deals. It is best to check in towards the end of the day. That way, you are more likely to get an upgrade. However, you should note that booking hotels in advance helps you to get more options.

Be a Regular

If you visit Memphis often, finds a good hotel and always stay there. Being a regular may help you get better deals than new guests. Just like other businesses, hotels treat their regulars better. They may offer you discounted prices as a reward for your loyalty.

Choose a New Establishment

New hotel establishments are more likely to give you good deals because they will be trying to attract new customers. Take advantage of their discounts and upgrades.

Finding a good deal in Memphis tourist attractions does not mean that you have to compromise on comfort. There are comfortable yet affordable hotels. They include; the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel, Gardentree Hotels, Crowne Plaza Memphis Downtown, The Peabody, and Holiday Inn-Memphis Downtown Beale Street.

Guide to the 5 Best Business Hotels in Memphis

The City of Memphis is not only home to attraction sites, but it is also a cradle of hospitality with friendly people and amazing accommodation facilities. The city is always ready to welcome here visitors and the best accommodation. So, if you are going on a business trip to Memphis, you don’t have to worry since you will enjoy the best of the best accommodation facilities. All you have to do is go online, pick an accommodation facility of your choice, make a booking and wait to receive the best service of your life. The following are some of the hotels that offer travelers in Memphis excellent connectivity, comfortable amenities, and much more.

The Sheraton Memphis Downtown

If you will be attending a convention when you travel to Memphis, then the Sheraton Hotel is your best pick. This excellent hotel offers a pool, a restaurant, ample parking, well-appointed guest rooms, a bar, and much more. The most amazing thing about Sheraton Downtown Memphis is that it has an express sky bridge to the Convention center that allows you to get back and forth from gatherings and other meetings even without leaving the hotel compound. Most people who have stayed at this hotel before appreciate its proximity to the Convention Center and the attractive view of downtown that it offers to visitors.

The Westin

When you are more interested in having a taste of your local culture when you are not in meetings during a trip to Memphis city, there is no a good place to live in Memphis than the Westin Memphis. The Westin that is located a few steps off the legendary music thoroughfare. The hotel which is an excellent spot to having excitement at your doorstep has Memphis Grizzlies play, blues bars and delicious meals of Beale. The Westin Memphis also has a meeting center, printing and copy services and free weekly newspapers that will keep you informed during your stay at Westin.

The Embassy Suites Memphis

The Embassy Suites is located on the shady Grove Road in East Memphis, and it is a good choice for a typical road warrior. The guest rooms are spacious and also include a sitting area with a couch, desk, and several outlets. This means that you can easily turn your guest room into a personal office and work comfortably. WIFI is also free throughout the hotel which makes it easy to connect with your family and friends while you are away. There is also a 24-hour enterprise center that offers printing, scanning and faxing. You can have your meals on the onsite Frank Grisanti’s restaurant.

The Peabody Memphis

If you like living in luxury accommodations, consider the Peabody Memphis for your trip to Memphis. The hotel is one of the South’s most outstanding, with a luxurious lobby bar, opulent chandeliers, and a marble fountain that keeps mallard ducks during the day. The Peabody Memphis also offers luxurious equipment and amenities such as a spa, a gym, a pool, multiple restaurants and rooms with stunning views that most people in the city do not offer. Guests who have lived at the Peabody Memphis know its elegance, and it is also a truly convenient choice if most of your activities will be happening downtown, which can be handled just from the hotel.

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